There are 6 Parts To The Employee Escape Plan:

  1. Planning: How To Choose The Right Business For YOU
  2. Positioning: How To Create Emotional Branding
  3. Packaging: How To Craft Your Offer and Story Attractively
  4. Promotion: How To Get Your Story To The World
  5. Persuasion: How To Help People make decisions that are good for them
  6. Performance: How To Gain Testimonials, Referrals, And Future Business

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Check Out What Our Graduates Say About The
Employee Escape Plan

When Our Clients Win, We Win!

Chris Burns

Orange County, California

“I Was Able To Start MY Business and Quit My Job with Joe Nicassio’s Employee Escape Plan”

Allison Francis Barksdale

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Joe has helped me with 3 things:
Clarity on my target market, accountability, and he was responsive to my style and understanding my business. I would definitely recommend other people hire him. It’s been a great experience for me.”

Luke Benoit

Orange County, California

“I was struggling a lot especially with my marketing, I never have trouble with working with people, Working with Joe has been phenomenal…”

Why Do You Want To Escape?

What's Your Reason?

Is your job like a “Two Story Outhouse?

As an employee, do you feel like you are treated with dignity and respect?

Or do you feel like management makes crappy decisions, then “dumps the load” on you?

It doesn’t have to be that way. When you start your business, YOU are in charge.

You have the ability to be a solo-preneur, or, if you do have employees, subcontractors, or helpers, you can treat them with respect.

You don’t have to treat your business like an outhouse.

You can treat your business like a temple.

Do You Work For “The Boss From Hell?”

Does he give you nightmares at night?

When you are your own boss, you can manage your own schedule, you can choose who you associate with, and you can turn your work into a little slice of Heaven… if you choose.

With the Employee Escape Plan, you will learn to leave the toxicity behind!

Do You Have Trouble Taking Orders From Others?

It’s not always easy to take orders, especially if you don’t respect “bad decisions” that impact your life.

If you’d rather be a General, instead of a foot soldier, you can do that in your own business.

Employee Escape Plan is your roadmap to move yourself from “Employer-Reliance” to “Self-Reliance.”

Do You Cringe At The Idea Of Driving Into Work On Monday Morning?

There’s nothing wrong with Mondays.
It’s just another day..

Let’s face it, if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.

There are plenty of ways for you to turn your talents into treasure.

Lets find one that you actually ENJOY!

Do Your “Golden Handcuffs” Prevent Your From Spending Time With The People You Love?

Sometimes, we love what we do, and we make good money, but we don’t have time freedom to take a college class, or spend time with the people we love, or even get a simple day off.

Let me share a secret with you: Discretionary time is true wealth.

With your own business, you have the freedom to set your schedule, and the liberty to create a business in YOUR OWN TERMS.

This is empowering!

“Size Up” Your Current Employment Situation

  • Are you paid GENEROUSLY?

    Yes No

  • Are you Mentored by Wizards?

    Yes No

  • Are you challenged to Become A Champion?

    Yes No

  • Do you Have Ability To Be Promoted Into
    Management, or LEADERSHIP?

    Yes No

  • Are you INVOLVED in important decisions?

    Yes No

  • Are you APPRECIATED, and is that reflected in BONUSES?

    Yes No

  • Are You On A Mission To Make A “Dent In The Universe?

    Yes No

  • Are You Empowered To Make Executive Decisions?

    Yes No

  • Are You Trusted?

    Yes No

If Any Of These Questions Are “Deal Breakers”, Then Employee Escape
Plan May Be EXACTLY What You’re looking for!

Stop Working for The Man, BE The Man

Employee Escape Plan is designed to help you become SELF-RELIANT, instead of EMPLOYER-RELIANT, GOVERNMENT-RELIANT, or CHARITY-RELIANT.

Are you open to the idea of having your own income generating business?

Then you’ll love this program!

Sometimes, You Climb To The Top Of The Mountain, Only To Discover It Isn’t YOUR Mountain!

I believe, inside of every professional man, or woman, who is working long hours for someone else’s benefit and growth, with no loyalty from their employer… I know there’s a way to reinvent you…

I know there’s an “entrepreneurial spirit”…. You just don’t know how to do it effectively.

There is a way to create relationships, there is a way to create customers for life..

There is a system where you can succeed, you can stand proud…

That system is called the “Employee Escape Plan.”

6 Part Program

Success is Inevitable When You Do The Fundamentals Effectively

Nobody Wants a “Partial Solution”. Employee Escape Plan Focuses on Planning, Creating, and Implementing the Critical Components To Get
Your Cash Register Ringing.


Choose A Business Where You Can Passionately Apply Your Talents, and Profit!


Branding The Brain
Of Your Avatar


Build Attraction With
Stories And Offers


The Right Words
The Right People
Through Effective Media


True Believers Make
Wise Decisions


Deliver The Goodies

With The Employee Escape Plan,

You Get 12 Webinar- Delivered Training Modules, Covering:

Webinar, Web, and Telephone Delivered Content training in the following areas:

* Content Is adjusted To The Need Of The Participants


Choosing Your Business Wisely


How To Position and Connect Your Brand To The Emotions Of Your Target Market


Packaging Your Solution As An Offer Of Value


Shaping Your Storytelling


Packaging Your Solution Weaving Your Offer Into Your Story As An Offer Of Value


Persuasion techniques tailored to your unique product/ service/offering


More Sales Training, To make sure you “get it”


Promotion Methods To Generate Leads And Sales FAST!


Work On Your Creating, and Implementing, Your Second Promotional method


Telephone Follow Up Techniques


Making All The Pieces Of The Machine "Work Together"


Implementation Q & A

You will Also Get:

Coaching Days To Keep You IMPLEMENTING
and EMPLOYEE ESCAPE PLAN Community for
One Year

Are You Ready For Entrepreneur Mentoring?

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$ 2997

Employee Escape Plan,
Delivered through Webinar

  • Weekly Pre-Scheduled Webinars
  • Replays Available
  • Worksheets, Exercises, And Implementation Activities
  • Designated “Coaching Call In Days”
  • One Year Access To The “Employee Escape Plan Private Community”

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  • Weekly Pre-Scheduled Webinars
  • Replays Available
  • Worksheets, Exercises, And Implementation Activities
  • Designated “Coaching Call In Days”
  • One Year Access To The “Employee Escape Plan Private Community”
  • 12 Hours One On One Mentoring With Joe Nicassio Quarterly Retainer (Minimum) (Once A Week For 3 Months)

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200% Return On Investment Guarantee

With the Employee Escape Plan, You are guaranteed receive the fundamentals to create your own business, and create cash-flow. You are guaranteed to get 12 coaching sessions. Once you complete the twelve sessions, you must “Do Your Part.”

If you have done your part, and you haven’t earned double your investment over 6 months, you will get additional coaching, at no charge, until you do.